Galcon Marine Ltd. Rental Fleet

Workboats Work Boats:
    We have a selection of work boats:
  • 16ft - 20ft runabouts equipped with 25hp - 60hp outboard motors
  • 26ft work boat equipped with a 250hp outboard, also an A-frame crane off bow of boat
  • Two small work tugs for handling barges (truckable)
         Barney Drake - 30ft tug with a 471 Detroit Diesel motor
         Bold Bluff - 30ft tug with an 871 Detroit Diesel motor
  • Kenteau 53 ft dive boat
  • Patricia D 37' Cat 3406 450HP
  • David G 25ft Tug 610HP Twin Screw (truckable)
  • Sophie Lynn 25ft Tug 310HP Single Screw (truckable)
  • Makayla Grace 25ft Tug 250HP Single Screw (truckable)
Barges Barges:
Galcon Marine has a large selection of sectional barges in Ontario, able to suit your needs

Available Inventory
42 available - 20ft x 10ft x 5ft hull
40 available - 40ft x 10ft x 5ft hull
Scow #1 - 40ft x 60ft x 5ft hull Sectional spud barge
Scow #2 - 40ft x 60ft x 5ft hull Sectional spud barge
Spud Barge #1 - 34ft x 50ft x 54in hull Sectional spud barge
Spud Barge #2 - 30ft x 42ft x 42in hull Sectional spud barge

  (Our sectional barges are all truckable, and can be built to any configuration. As small as a 20ft by 20ft or as large as a 50ft by 180ft plus.)

  • Pitts Carolyn - 40ft x 100ft x 8ft hull c/w 24in x 60ft spuds
    (Docked in Toronto Harbour)
Also Available Wide Range of Floating Platforms for Men & Light Material.

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Dredging Dredging:
Excavators Excavators:
  A wide range of excavators, just to list some:

  • Komatsu 400
  • Hitachi 300
  • Hitachi 400
  • Linkbelt 3400 long reach
  • Hitachi 200 + Komatsu 220
  • Cat E70
Cranes Cranes:
  We mostly run conventional cranes equipped with clam shells or drag lines.

  • Koreing 665T
  • Linkbelt 108 - 50 ton
  • Linkbelt 98 - 35 ton
  • Linkbelt 98 - 30 ton
  • Linkbelt 98 - 27 ton
  • Grove RT58 - 12 ton
  • Drott RT - 30 ton
  • Link belt 408 – 100 ton

Also Loaders, Dozers, Bobcats, Tractors, Rubber Tire Backhoes, Trackloaders and Forklifts.